Three Reasons You Should Have Real-Time Energy Monitoring

A real-time energy monitoring system allows you to immediately see how much energy you are consuming in actual time, using a series of meters and specialist computer software.  Our blog this week will discuss the top three ways that real-time energy monitoring could help you.

  1. Stop wasting energy

You can’t manage what you don’t measure and having real-time data, at a high resolution is invaluable to a business.  It will give information on how, when and where energy is being used and, when analysed, can easily show up areas of inefficiency or high usage.  For example, you will be able to see immediately if your staff are switching off equipment at the end of the work day on a day-by-day basis.  You will also be able to see if timers, for example on heaters and air conditioning units are working efficiently.  When you have identified any areas of inefficiency, you can develop programmes to improve the weak points and save energy and money.

  1. Monitor efficiencies

When you have identified areas of inefficiency and developed programmes to improve, it is essential to be able to determine whether the initiatives that you introduce are making an impact and saving energy.  Real-time monitoring will give you the answers much faster than other types of monitoring, allowing you to adapt your strategy as necessary.  The high resolution of data available will enable you to monitor how even little changes make a difference and add to your overall energy saving plan.  Monitoring energy savings, and therefore cost savings is especially important when making the business case for energy initiatives that involve financial investment.  Being able to clearly demonstrate where smaller initiatives have made savings and showing where further savings can be made is essential.  You will also need to be able to demonstrate a Return on Investment and this can support further initiatives in the future.

  1. Detect problems faster

Having access to data immediately will enable you to identify if there are any issues straight away.  Other methods of data collection, such as interval monitoring are usually only available after 24 hours.  Investigating historical spikes in energy can take time backtracking through the data and enquiring about circumstances that people may or may not remember.  The faster you can address a problem, the faster it can be resolved, thus saving energy and money.

Businesses of any type and size can benefit from real-time energy monitoring.  If you use energy, you can reduce it, improve efficiencies and save money.  There are many different ways of monitoring energy, but real-time monitoring gives you unrivalled information as you use energy.  You will be able to quickly identify areas of inefficiency and make improvements that can be monitored effectively and ultimately save you energy and money.  For more information about energy monitoring, click here.