Green Spark Offer Pollution Management Services to Contracts Logistics Company

Our offering of maintenance of underground infrastructure and pollution risk means that we don’t just offer compliance services, but we understand what they mean to each site and how that impacts at group corporate level.  Following a pollution incident at one site, this client took the opportunity to investigate pollution controls across their group of sites in order to identify areas for improvement.


A major European Contracts Logistic company with warehousing and external areas for storage approached Green Spark for support as a result of a suspected pollution incident.  An Internal Drainage Board employee was working on a watercourse downstream of the site and identified a fuel shimmer.  Green Spark were called in to investigation and advise the client on dealing with the incident.

Proposed Solution

Green Spark carried out a site survey to investigate drainage arrangements and determine whether the suspected pollution incident had originated from the clients site.  The expertise at Green Spark placed us ideally to support the client in communications with the Environment Agency and to advise on measures to prevent further pollution incidents.

Work Completed

It soon became apparent that storm water from an adjacent industrial estate came through the site drains to the watercourse and that some site based interceptors had been lost since occupancy 15 years prior.  As part of the works, these locations were exposed and serviced, and the available drainage plan updated.  This enabled the suspected incident to be properly investigated and a 16-page report provided for Senior Management.  The incident itself, which turned out to be inert ochre scum, was professionally concluded with the necessary evidence on file.

Soon after the incident, Green Spark met with the group Environment Manager and Procurement team to discuss further support.  A plan to expand proactive services to a number of trial sites on the UK estate was agreed.  This involved drainage system mapping and cleaning to provide information on the pollution pathway and to assess site controls.  Three sites were also selected to receive a one day snap shot ISO 14001 audit to determine site environmental management and compliance to the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Results & Benefits

A league table of site scores was compiled to aid resource allocation to gain best value sustainable improvements.  The objective was to assist internal staff to make more rapid and sustained progress towards ISO 14001 compliance and pollution risk control over all sites.  The sites benefitting from pollution risk support have a clearer understanding of their pollution pathways and are better placed to implement the necessary controls and improvements to prevent future incidents.  This client is committed to improving their environmental management systems and pollution risk management with the on-going support of Green Spark services.

“Thank you for such a prompt service.”
“Firstly, thank you to you and your team for a fantastic start to our gap analysis. [Your auditor] has a keen eye for detail and was very informative in both explaining about ISO 14001, the audit itself and how it works.”