Key Services

We have extensive experience in informed and effective pollution risk management. We provide services and advise to manage pollution risk and environmental compliance and our complimentary services are delivered through our Passport to Compliance package. Our fuel quality services also ensure that your fuel does not cause damage to fleet and equipment.

  • Bespoke Pollution Risk Management Plan supporting your controls for a fixed monthly fee
  • Plan your operations to reduce pollution risks
  • Support to assist you in avoiding potentially uncapped fines
  • Regularly test fuel for contamination and remediate if needed

Why Choose Green Spark

Green Spark has extensive experience in pollution risk management and is able to efficiently identify a problem and apply the correct solution for pollution control and prevention. We can provide a bespoke package of our services tailored specifically to your needs and expectations.

Related Services

Comprehensive Pollution Risk Management Plan to support compliance for a fixed monthly fee.

Identifying and managing your pollution risk will help to reduce the consequences to your business that could be caused by pollution.

Regularly test you fuel quality to ensure efficient and reliable operations.

Remediate contaminated fuel to improve the performance of your fleet and equipment and avoid damage.

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