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Our technicians will demonstrate efficient pollution management and will visit your site to provide you with an on-site survey in order to create a drainage plan. We can also conduct regular maintenance depending on your requirements and identify pollution risk areas. Should you need a spill response team, Green Spark can remove the contaminated waste for successful pollution control.

  • Pollution is managed with a bespoke pollution prevention plan for the site
  • Drains are verified and a straightforward drainage plan is provided
  • Regular drain and interceptor cleaning and servicing
  • Interceptor integrity testing to maintain your pollution controls
  • Effective pollution control reduces costs to your business

Why Choose Green Spark

Green Spark has extensive experience in pollution risk management and is able to efficiently identify a problem and apply the correct solution for pollution control and prevention. We can provide pollution prevention plans and drainage plans for your site and give advice on pollution management. Our spill response teams are highly trained, allowing for a quick response time.

Related Services

If not correctly managed and regularly serviced, drains and interceptors can become a pollution risk.

Identifying and managing your pollution risk will help to reduce any consequences to your business that could be caused by pollution.

Our drainage plans show you how water leaves your site, allowing you to manage your operations and reduce pollution risk.

Regular interceptor integrity tests are essential to ensure your interceptor is in good condition and continues to provide pollution control.

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