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In the event of a pollution incident, it is vital to demonstrate reasonable care to put in place and enforce proper systems for the avoidance of pollution. For a fixed monthly fee, Passport to Compliance aims to keep you securely in the low culpability zone and could reduce potential fines by 95%.
The Passport to Compliance scheme includes a package of pollution prevention and control services. You will receive a site passport summarising all site works and key deliverables. You will have access to all of your site documents using Green Sparks online portal.

  • Drainage survey plan
  • Assessment of spill risk areas & check/report on fuel, oil and chemical storage
  • Placement of personalised spill kits & Spill response training
  • Creation Pollution Incident Response Plan (PIRP) & Site Environmental Emergency Plan (SEEP)
  • Interceptor, foul and surface drainage service PPM & report
  • Fuel quality checks
  • Annual pollution risk audit
  • Telephone compliance support

Why Choose Green Spark

Green Spark has extensive experience in pollution risk management and providing a comprehensive and bespoke service to our clients.  Our expert teams are able to deliver pollution prevention services, identify potential issues and apply the correct solution to maintain pollution control.  Our fixed monthly fee allows you to defer some capital costs and reduce the costs of traditional drainage maintenance.

Related Services

If not correctly managed and regularly serviced, drains and interceptors can become a pollution risk.

Identifying and managing your pollution risk will help to reduce any consequences to your business that could be caused by pollution.

Our drainage plans show you how water leaves your site, allowing you to manage your operations and reduce pollution risk.

We respond to clean-up spilled material, determine if environmental pollution has occurred and inspect and clean out your interceptors if required to reduce any pollution caused.

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