We will match the diesel bug treatment method to the level and type of contamination identified through testing. We can use biocide dosing and fuel polishing, passing your fuel through a filtration system. As well as the diesel bug treatment, we can empty your tank and fully clean it, removing all sludge and sediment before the fuel is replaced.

Key Benefits

  • We clean and filter your fuel so it can be used in your fleet after treatment without causing damage
  • We work with you to minimise your business operations, using non-intrusive techniques and working around your site activities
  • If fuel removal and diesel tank cleaning is required, the off-line cycle can be as little as four hours

Why Choose Green Spark

Green Spark has experience in the best methods of diesel bug treatment to ensure your diesel quality is maintained to prevent damage to your fleet and equipment. We will keep operational disruption to an absolute minimum and ensure your fleet filling operations can function as soon as possible.

Fuel tank before treatment

Fuel tank after remediation

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Get in touch with Green Spark today and see how we can help you with pollution risk management, environmental services and fuel quality management.

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