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Green Spark provide fuel quality management to regularly test your fuel and look for traces of diesel bug, water content, sludge and sediment. Samples are taken from the base of fuel tanks and if your diesel is contaminated we can provide remediation to ensure it does not compromise your fleet or equipment.

  • Identify traces of diesel bug before it affects your business
  • Regular fuel samples allow you to take action quickly before a problem develops, reducing maintenance costs
  • If diesel bug is present, we can advise remediation methods and clean and filter your fuel without causing damage
  • We work around your site activities to minimise disruption to your business

Why Choose Green Spark

Green Spark has experience in fuel management services and can test the quality of your fuel, providing recommendations for remediation if contamination is present. We only take samples from the base of the fuel tank to ensure accurate results and provide the best methods of diesel bug treatment to maintain fuel quality and prevent any damage to your fleet/equipment.

Related Services

Regularly testing the quality of your fleet critical diesel is essential to ensure efficient and reliable operations.

If your diesel is contaminated, we can remediate your fuel to ensure it does not affect the performance of your fleet or equipment.

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